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Board Book Box

4 Board Books, Ages 0-3

Our Board Book Box is great for children aged 0-3. In each box, you will find three perfect reads that will bring so much joy to the baby or toddler in your life! Also included in this box are lovely stickers of our dancing fox.

starting at $19.95


Mixed Book Box

2 Picture Books and 1 Board Book, For All Ages

Our Mixed Book Box comes with one board book and two picture books, perfect for families looking for books at different reading levels. Plus, each box also includes lovely stickers of our dancing fox.

starting at $19.95


Picture Book Box

3 Picture Books, Ages 4-7

Our Picture Book Box is perfect for children aged 4-7. This box comes with three beautiful picture books that will soon become your child's favourites! Adorable name plate stickers are also included for your child to place on their books!

starting at $19.95


Bonding Guaranteed

Every box of books is selected by passionate parents just like you. Get 3 picture or 4 board books (or a mix of both!) that your little one will love delivered to your doorstep.

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